2018 July Semi-Annual Video Training

We praise the Lord for being able to host the video training again here in Farmington.  The subject, as a continuation of the Winter Training, will be: Crystallization Study of Leviticus part 2.  We shall see what the Lord has in store for us.

Please plan to arrive early and be seated 5 mins prior to each message with an open heart and exercised spirit.  The coordination of message reviews will be addressed at the end of each video session. There will be copies of the message outlines available for purchase until they run out. All of the messages will be held in the meeting hall of the church in Farmington.

For those of you who may not know:

The training is essentially a set of concentrated messages of ministry.  The format of the training is more scheduled than that of a conference in attendance and participation to create a high atmosphere and morale to maximize the intake of the Lord's word. There is a level of expectation that those who participate will gladly submit themselves to the schedule and training regulations in order to gain the most benefit.

The Church in Farmington Video Training Schedule:

Message 1       Sat.   July 7        4:00 pm      Open

Message 2       Sat. July 7         7:00 pm       Open

Message 3       Sun. July 8        2:00 pm

Message 4       Tues. July 10     7:00 pm

Message 5       Fri. July 13        7:00 pm

Message 6       Sat. July 14      4:00 pm       Open

Message 7       Sat. July 14      7:00 pm        Open

Message 8       Sun. July 15     2:00 pm

Message 9      Tues. July 17    7:00 pm

Message 10    Fri. July 20      7:00 pm

Message 11    Sat. July 21       4:00 pm         Open

Message 12    Sat. July 21      7:00 pm         Open

The Video Training messages on Saturdays are open to anyone interested.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.